Jerry Jones Car Accident: Who was at fault in Jerry Jones accident? Was Jerry Jones driving car in accident?

Jerry Jones Car Accident

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Jerry Jones Car Accident: Fresh details have emerged concerning the car collision last week that involved Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Jerry Jones Car Accident

Video of the incident was obtained by TMZ, who said that the Dallas Cowboys owner “T-boned a car while traveling at a significantly high velocity.”

According to the Dallas police report, which NBC 5 in Dallas has obtained, the driver of the gray Hyundai Sonata was en route to make a delivery for DoorDash on the evening of Wednesday, May 4.

The driver informed the police that he became aware that he needed to turn left onto Wolf Street as he was traveling south on Harry Hines Boulevard.

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At the crossroads, the vehicle almost came to a halt before making a poor turn from the far right lane that put him straight in Jerry Jones’s path. Jerry Jones Car Accident

Was Jerry Jones driving car in accident?


Jerry Jones Car Accident
Image Credit: The New York Times

At the time of the collision, when the driver’s side door of the gray Hyundai was hit, Jerry Jones was not driving the black Lexus. Notably, the Harry Hines Boulevard section in question had a 35 mph posted speed limit.

However, the report didn’t indicate what speed Jerry Jones’ driver was going.

Who was at fault in Jerry Jones accident?

Based on a crash report from the Dallas police, the driver of the vehicle that Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, collided with last week in Dallas was executing an improper turn.

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