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Jenna Jameson Then And Now



Jenna Jameson Then And Now

Jenna Jameson then and now

Jenna Jameson is an American model, former adult film actress and television personality.

Jenna Jameson Then And Now

What has changed about Jenna Jameson from then and now? Jenna Jameson took to social media in 2019 to show her body transformation after she lost 80lbs. According to her, the keto diet was extremely helpful towards her weight loss journey.

See photo of her transformation below:

Jenna Jameson weight loss

Jenna Jameson weight-loss | Via Instagram/Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson age

How old is Jenna Jameson? Jenna Jameson is 47 years old; born April 9, 1974.

Jenna Jameson partner

Who is Jenna Jameson’s partner? Jenna Jameson’s partner is an Israeli national called, Lior Bitton. They have been together since 2015.

Jenna Jameson children

Does Jenna Jameson have any children? Who are Jenna Jameson’s children? Jenna Jameson has three children. They are; Jesse James Ortiz, Journey Jett Ortiz and Batel Lu Bitton.

Jenna Jameson ex-husbands

Who are Jenna Jameson’s ex-husbands? Jenna Jameson had married two men in the past. They are; Brad Armstrong (m. 1996-2001) and Jay Grdina (m. 2003-2007).

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