Jay Gudgeon Job, Age, Wiki, Wedding, Parents, Spouse

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Jay Gudgeon Job

Jay Gudgeon Job: Jay Gudgeon is most known for being the spouse of Kelle Brown, an English singer and actor.

Kelle Brown, Jay Gudgeon’s wife, was a member of the girl group Eternal. Jay Gudgeon Job

Jay Gudgeon age

Jay Gudgeon’s precise birthday has yet to be revealed.

Jay Gudgeon parents

Prior to his marriage to Kelle Brown, Jay Gudgeon led a somewhat low-key life, therefore there are little details about his family, including who his parents are.

Jay Gudgeon spouse

In 2010, Jay Gudgeon married Kelle Brown in a ceremony.

Kéllé Bryan, Jay Gudgeon’s wife, is an English singer and actress who has worked in the media for over three decades.

Kelle Brown attended the Italia Conti Academy and graduated with honors.

At the age of 11, Kelle Brown enrolled in the Italia Conti Academy stage school, where she finished eight years of training in the performing arts and earned her certification as a dance instructor.

Jay Gudgeon job

Jay Gudgeon is a computer programmer with nearly two decades of experience.

Jay Gudgeon is a cloud-first designer and transformation expert.

Jay Gudgeon worked for Citi as a Senior Software Analyst from 2015 to 2017, then for Rabobank as a Senior Software Engineer from 2017 to 2020, and is now a Consultant for Amido in London.



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