Who Is Jason Baker, Angela Kukawski’s Boyfriend Charged With Murder?

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Jason Baker

Jason Baker is a 49yr-old homicide suspect who has been charged with murder in connection with the death of Angela ‘Angie’ Kukawski’s death.

Jason Barker was the known boyfriend of the celebrity business manager, Angela Kukawski.

Who Is Jason Baker

Angela Kukawski was a Los Angeles-based business manager whose star-studded clients roaster included the Kardashians. Angeles police have linked her death to her boyfriend, Jason Barker. According to the police investigation, she was murdered in the house and later the body was deposited in her car.


Image Credit: Twitter / Space reporter news

Angela Kukawski’s death was ruled homicide by the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office. Angela Kukawski was reported missing on December 22 from where she lived, the Sherman Oaks neighborhood, the Los Angeles Police Department reported.

The police from Los Angeles and Simi Valley on December 23 found Kukawski dead in her car which was parked on Patricia Avenue in Simi Valley, the LAPD said in a news release on December 29.


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