Jamie Parrat: Everything To Know About Martel Maxwell’s Husband

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Jamie Parrat

Jamie Parrat is a well-known celebrity spouse who is married to Martel Maxwell, a Scottish journalist, writer, radio and television presenter.

Following their wedding,  Parrat and Martel Maxwell relocated to Dundee from London.

Martel Maxwell began working for the Evening Telegraph when they arrived in Dundee.

Jamie Parrat

Parrat and Martel Maxwell are still living in Dundee, where they share their parental responsibilities with their three children.

Jamie Parrat is also a director of R6 Ventures Limited, a successful business in Dundee, Scotland.

Jamie Parrat is not as well-known as his wife, and as a result, little is known about his life.

Martel Maxwell, Jamie Parrat’s wife, began her career in journalism as a graduate intern at The Sun and then earned a diploma in newspaper journalism from London City University.

Martel Maxwell worked for The Sun for seven years as a correspondent covering cities, women’s news, and showbiz before moving independent.

Martel Maxwell began her career in broadcast journalism in 2010 as a reporter on the BBC show The One Show, later becoming a regular entertainment guest on the ITV show Lorraine and a presenter on the BBC3 consumer affairs show Don’t Get Screwed and the BBC Scotland magazine show On.

Martel Maxwell has been one of the three presenters of the BBC property show Homes Under the Hammer since 2017, taking over for Lucy Alexander.

Martel Maxwell delivered the vocal narration for the third season of BBC Scotland’s Inside Central Station documentary in 2021.

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