Jack Kehler Wife Shawna Casey, Son Eddie Kehler, Family

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Jack Kehler Wife Shawna Case

Jack Kehler Wife Shawna Case: Jack Kehler was an American actor who rose to fame after portraying Marty the Dude’s landlord in “The Big Lebowski,” a black comedy crime thriller. At the age of 75, Jack Kehler died in May 2022.

His wife, Shawna Casey, his son, Eddie Kehler, his grandson, Liam, and his daughter-in-law, Mari-Anne, all survive him.

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Jack Kehler Wife Shawna Casey

Shawna Casey, a lovely actress, was Jack Kehler’s wife.

Shawna Casey was a well-known actress who starred in films such as Eerie, Indiana, and The Job. Shawna Casey graduated from Spalding University with a Master of Fine Arts.

Jack Kehler Son Eddie

Eddie Kehler, Jack’s son, is a nice young man.

Jack Kehler Family

Shawna Casey was Jack Kehler’s wife, and he had a son named Eddie Kehler, a grandson named Liam, and a daughter-in-law named Mari-Anne.

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