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Jacelyn Reeves: Biography, Net Worth, Children, Private Bell date



Jacelyn Reeves

Who is Jacelyn Reeves

Her full name is Jacelyn Ann Reeves. She was born on December 21, 1951 (Age 68) in Seattle, Washington. She is a retired flight attendant and mother of Holly actor Scott Eastwood.

Jacelyn Reeves and Clint Eastwood

Jacelyn and Clint had an affair in the 1980s while he was cohabiting with actress/director Sondra Locke, and married to Maggie Johnson at the same time. Clint had two children with Reeves. A Son Scott Eastwood (born Scott Reeves; March 21, 1986) and a daughter Kathryn Eastwood (born Kathryn Reeves; February 2, 1988). Their affair was not of public knowledge until 1990 a year after that break up with Sondra Locke.

Jacelyn Reeves Age

She was born on December 21, 1951, which means she will turn 69 years old in December 2020.

Jacelyn Reeves Today

She is currently married to Private Bell with whom she lives in Hawaii. The couple live a private life away from the spotlight.

What is Jacelyn Reeves net worth?

It is unclear as to the exact net worth of Jacelyn Reeves. However, a rough estimate puts her net worth at over $5 million. This is most likely true due to her involvement with Clint who is a multi-millionaire and his son Scott who is also rich.

Jacelyn Reeves 2020


Not much is known about Jacelyn’s life at the moment since she has managed to stay out of the limelight. What we do know is that she will turn 69 in a few weeks, and she lives with her current husband Private Bell in Hawaii.

Jacelyn Reeves Husband

She is now married to Private Bell, and they live together in Hawaii. Private bell is not a Hollywood star like Jacelyn’s former lover Clint Eastwood, hence not much is known about his life.

Jacelyn Reeves Height

Jacelyn is  5 foot 4 inches high.

Jacelyn Reeves Other facts

Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: Blue
Ethnicity: American
Height: 1.65 m
Birth Sign: Sagittarius


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