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Is Roger Angell related to EB White?



Is Roger Angell related to EB White

Is Roger Angell related to EB White: Roger Angell was an American essayist and sportswriter who spent over seven decades in the media. Roger Angell was the recipient of the J. G. Taylor Spink Award and the PEN/ESPN Lifetime Achievement Award for Literary Sports Writing.

Roger Angell Obituary

Roger Angell Image Source: The New York Times

Elwyn Brooks White, also known as EB White, was an American writer who worked in the media for more than five decades. EB White attended Cornell University and was married to Katharine Sergeant, an American writer and fiction editor.

EB White
Image Source: Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Is Roger Angell related to EB White?

Roger Angell is EB White’s stepson, and thus EB White is Roger Angell’s stepfather.

Katharine Sergeant Angell White, Roger Angell’s mother, was married to Ernest Angell, Roger Angell’s father, from 1915 until 1929, and then to EB White from 1929 to 1977.

Although Roger Angell and EB White are no longer alive, their legacy goes on.


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