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Is Kevin Hart Paralyzed? Injury Updates



Is Kevin Hart Paralyzed

Is Kevin Hart Paralyzed – Kevin Hart is a famous American comedian, actor, and producer widely popular for his comedic roles in renowned Hollywood movies like Scary Movie 3, The 40-year-old Virgin, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and many more.

Lately, Hart has been in the news as a result of him suffering from an unfortunate car accident. People all over the planet want to know what happened to Kevin Hart ? And the question arises, is he paralyzed? Get to know the answer from the following article which touches on his present health status and many more.

What Happened to Kevin Hart?

On Sunday morning, 1 September while he was in his 1970 Plymouth Baracuda car along with his wife, Eniko Parrish’s fitness trainer, Rebbecca Broxterman, he met with a devastating car accident. His car driver, Jared Black, lost control, and the car crashed into the fence along the roadside.

Caption: Is Kevin Hart paralyzed or not? Clear all the rumors here in this video

The car landed 10 feet off the ground. According to the police investigation, the driver, Jared, was not drunk when he was driving. The car accident took place around 12:45 am Sunday at the Mulholland Highway. Both Kevin Hart and his driver, Jared Black, suffered significant back injuries as a result of the fatal car accident.

However, Rebecca Broxterman was lucky as she escaped with only minor crash injuries. As per police officials, she only complained of pain and took the medical assistance by herself. Kevin Hart was rushed to the nearby hospital for immediate treatment. While his driver, Sam, was taken to the UCLA Medical center for further treatment.

Is Kevin Hart Paralyzed from a Car Crash?

The question lies as Is Kevin Hart paralyzed from the car crash. The answer is we don’t know if he is severely hurt or is paralyzed? However, according to, he is rumored to be paralyzed, but nothing is confirmed about him being paralyzed from the officials on the case.

Talking more about the accident Kevin Hart ‘s security guard took to his near home for medical treatment. After which he was transferred to the Northridge Hospital

As of now, Kevin is going through critical medical treatment and is reported to be suffering from a significant back injury. Interestingly the car that he was on was the car that he presented to himself on his 40 birthday. He has even posted a picture of the vehicle on his Instagram account.

While there is no information relating to Kevin Hart current health update, we hope the talented American comedian, Kevin Hart recovers quickly from his injuries and once more enjoys a happy and healthy life. Is Kevin Hart Paralyzed


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