Ida Darvish Indian: Where is Ida Darvish from?

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Where is Ida Darvish from

Where is Ida Darvish from: Ida Darvish is an actor, writer, and producer from the United States who has worked in the media for over a decade. Ida Darvish is the wife of Josh Gad, a 41-year-old American actor and singer.

Big Guy, The Mandalorian, She Wants Me, Rent Control, Inferno, Call Me Crazy, The Astronaut Farmer, and others are among the films in which Ida Darvish has appeared.

Ida Darvish
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Ida Darvish Indian

Ida Darvish is a Hindu who is also an American citizen.

Where is Ida Darvish from?

Ida Darvish is an American with Indian ancestors.

Ida Darvish is 46 years old and was born in the United States of America on October 14, 1975. Ida Darvish is the mother of two adorable daughters, Ava Gad and Isabella Gad.

Josh Gad, Ida Darvish’s spouse, is an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University and is known in real life as Joshua Ilan Gad.

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