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“I broke up with my boyfriend after I figured I could pay him his monthly salary four times” – Lady reveals



Lady reveals – A lady took to Twitter to narrate how she broke up with her boyfriend after she saw his monthly payslip.

Lady reveals

According to the South African lady, her boyfriend was broke but she never realized because she never asked for a cent. She further disclosed that she could pay him 4 times whatever he earned.

Here’s what she wrote;

“There’s this guy i once dated two years, i saw his payslip, realized i could pay him his monthly salary 4 times a month. I tried to stay in the relationship but I failed, MEN HIDE YOUR PAYSLIPS.

The reason I didn’t realize he was broke for that long is because, I never asked him for a cent, i am a woman who does everything for herself financial side, like if i come to ur house, i want us to go out, i pay for it. I see a shortage in the house, i buy, that’s how the  Lady reveals
Who raised me did most of the things. I never saw my grandma going to grandpa and ask for money because electricity is running out. She’d just buy, when grandpa gives her money, she’ll take, but whatever is needed, if it is not enough, she adds.
There was never a time in the house where we came to see that grandma had a salary greater than that of grandpa. Finances never brought any difference between the two. That’s how i am.

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