How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria : Earn $4k (Apply Now)

How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

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How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria: To secure a job in Canada from Nigeria, it’s crucial to grasp the prerequisites set by Canadian employers.

How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

Employers typically advertise job vacancies because they are seeking candidates with particular skills and qualifications. Consequently, comprehending their eligibility criteria is essential before pursuing employment opportunities.

Canada Job Requirements for Nigerians

1. Eligibility

You must meet the eligibility criteria to work in Canada, which entails possessing a valid Canadian work permit, study permit, or any other applicable visa permitting employment or on-campus studies in Canada.

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Additionally, securing a job offer from an employer who is authorized to employ you upon your arrival in Canada is crucial. This demonstrates your commitment to covering your salary and associated expenses, including travel costs, making it an important aspect for prospective employers.

Furthermore, it can be beneficial if your employer can provide evidence of previous successful hires from Nigeria. This could include documents such as transcripts from secondary school graduations, diploma copies, or visual evidence like photographs or videos showcasing previous employees from Nigeria alongside their parents.

2. Work Experience

Canada offers a variety of avenues to explore employment opportunities, including job boards, educational institutions, and recruitment agencies.

Regardless of your level of experience, it’s crucial to prepare for interviews by enhancing your English language proficiency and refining interpersonal skills.

If you have work experience in Nigeria or elsewhere and aspire to work in Canada or any other location, this preparation ensures you’re well-equipped to meet employers’ expectations when discussing their hiring requirements.

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However, if your prior work experience lacked formal education or primarily involved unrelated fields such as manual labor or farming, it could potentially deter some employers who might not fully comprehend the relevance of your background to their company’s needs.

3. Degree Attestation

A degree attestation is a document confirming the successful completion of your studies at a university or college in Nigeria.

It’s important to note that a degree attestation differs from a degree equivalency, which applies solely to programs accredited by external agencies.

The primary purpose of obtaining a degree attestation is to demonstrate to employers that you’ve earned your qualification from an accredited institution and fulfill all the necessary requirements for employment in Canada.

The specific process varies based on the type of program you completed:

  • For undergraduate diploma programs (e.g., nursing), you’ll need to submit documents verifying the successful completion of 80% or more of your courses before applying.
  • In the case of an honours bachelor’s degree program (e.g., engineering), you can apply after completing 60% of the program requirements.
  • For postgraduate studies such as law, medicine, or social sciences, successful completion of 100% of the program is necessary before you can apply.

Job Search in Canada

The process of job hunting in Canada can be broken down into three fundamental steps:

  • Begin by conducting research on the companies located in your vicinity.
  • Next, submit applications to these companies, ensuring that you provide comprehensive information about yourself. Tailor your resume for each company.
  • Stay proactive by following up on any responses or leads generated from your application process, including interviews.

Steps to Getting a Job in Canada from Nigeria

These are the correct steps to secure a job in Canada from Nigeria.

To seek employment in Canada from Nigeria, it’s essential to prepare yourself and familiarize yourself with the requirements of Canadian employers:

Work Permit Eligibility: Ensure you are eligible for a work permit. You can apply for one through the Embassy or Consulate-General in your country, especially if you have family members residing in Canada.

Qualifications and Experience: Possess the requisite qualifications and relevant work experience. The specific requirements may vary based on your area of interest, but they should align with or exceed the local standards.

Employment Gap Considerations: Be mindful of any significant gaps in your employment history. Prolonged periods of unemployment before seeking new roles may not be viewed favorably by many employers.

Address Potential Concerns: Be prepared to address any concerns that could deter an employer from hiring you. This might include addressing safety issues or demonstrating why someone else may not desire the position due to personal discomfort or past negative experiences.

By understanding these key points and adequately preparing, you can enhance your prospects of successfully finding employment in Canada from Nigeria.

Platforms for Finding Work in Canada

1. Job Bank

This online platform, specifically designed for individuals seeking employment opportunities in Canada, offers a distinct advantage for those pursuing Canadian job opportunities while residing in Nigeria. While it shares similarities with other online job search platforms, its unique focus on the Canadian market brings you closer to your goal of securing employment in Canada.

2. Social Media Platforms

As widely acknowledged, social media has the power to make almost anything possible. Your job search can also benefit significantly from harnessing the potential of social media. Platforms such as Jobster, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and even Facebook can play a pivotal role in helping you land a job in Canada.

These platforms enable you to apply for jobs, submit your CV, and provide other essential information. It’s worth noting that many Canadian employers are increasingly turning to these platforms for recruitment, recognizing their efficiency compared to other traditional methods.

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3. Websites for Immigration and Employment in Canada

Securing a job directly in Canada or through personal connections from Nigeria can be a formidable challenge. The key websites you should consider applying through are,,,, and the express entry system.

In all honesty, obtaining a Canadian job through these platforms is no easy feat; it demands time and persistence in applying for numerous vacancies. Luck may play a role, so casting a wide net is advisable.

Furthermore, before most employers will consider offering you a position, two crucial factors come into play: possessing a skill and having relevant work experience. Your degree or college certificate is often of secondary importance when seeking employment in Canada as a Nigerian.

To be candid, the primary platform that many Nigerians rely on for securing both a Canadian visa and a job is the express entry system. Why? Because it offers a more straightforward process and a higher likelihood of obtaining your preferred job.


Securing employment in Canada while residing in Nigeria presents its challenges.

The initial step involves applying for a visa and subsequently navigating the process of obtaining approval from the Canadian government.

Once your visa is granted, you can commence your job search in Canada through various channels, including human resources departments and recruitment agencies. It’s crucial to have all the necessary documents prepared in advance, as they will be required during the interview phase of your application.

It’s worth noting that numerous Nigerian agencies collaborate with Canadian employers. However, when engaging with any of these agencies, exercise caution and gather information from multiple sources before making any payments. Unfortunately, there are fraudulent entities out there, and due diligence is essential to avoid falling victim to scams. How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

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