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How old was Sadie Frost when she married Gary Kemp?



Sadie Frost when she married Gary Kemp

Sadie Frost when she married Gary Kemp: Sadie was 16 and dancing in a music video when she met Gary in 1981. In 1988, at the age of 22, Sadie Frost married Gary Kemp, a member of the Spandau Ballet. The couple married in 1990 and had their son Finlay Monroe, who is now 31 years old, after seven years of marriage. They divorced in 1995 after splitting up in 1993.

Sadie Frost when she married Gary Kemp

Kemp was ‘devastated’ when Sadie left him for Jude Law, whom she met on the set of Shopping a year before.

Their first child, Rafferty, is now 25 years old, and Jude and Sadie began a passionate relationship in 1996. In 1997, they tied the knot.

Law and Frost had three children: Rafferty, their model daughter Iris, 20, and their youngest son Rudy, whom they had shortly before their breakup.

Frost blamed Law’s “irrational behavior” for their breakup in 2003, which was followed by their divorce the following year.

Frost later wrote in her book Crazy Days that the couple’s breakup was primarily due to despair. She was also referred to as the ‘love of her life’ by Law, with whom she shared a residence in Primrose Hill, North London. Sadie Frost when she married Gary Kemp

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