How is Bridget related to Jane Fonda?

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How is Bridget related to Jane Fonda: THE Fondas are well-known for having produced an acting dynasty.

Some moviegoers, however, are unsure if Bridget Fonda and Jane Fonda are related.

Jane Fonda is Bridget’s aunt, as she is the sister of Bridget’s father, Peter Fonda.

How is Bridget related to Jane Fonda

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Bridget followed in the footsteps of her parents, Peter and Jane, who were also successful in the entertainment industry.

Her breakthrough role was as a journalist in The Godfather Part III, which was released in late 1990.
She portrayed the fearful heroine Allison ‘Allie’ Jones in the classic 1992 thriller Single White Female.

In 2001, she had her final important part in Kiss of the Dragon.

She no longer acts and now lives quietly with David Elfman, her composer husband.

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