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How Did Uvalde Shooter Die?



How Did Uvalde Shooter Die: After a trained tactical squad got on the scene and fatally shot Ramon Salvador, the killer of the 21 victims at Robb Elementary School in Texas, he died.

How Did Uvalde Shooter Die?

On the day of the attack, Ramon left a bag full of ammo outside the school.

He had gained access to the school and hid behind a classroom block, firing rounds at the 19 students and two teachers who were inside.

The initial officers were unable to reach Ramon because he was hidden behind a block and inside the classroom. Furthermore, there was no enough backup at the time.

Texas shooting | Credit: CNN

The authorities promptly launched a rescue effort, shattering windows and evacuating students and teachers from the school.

Fortunately, a trained tactical unit that had arrived stormed into the classroom and immediately murdered Ramon.

Despite the fact that an officer was shot, he survived his injuries.

Ramon was said to have been on the grounds for up to an hour before he was killed, according to reports.

A closer examination of his weapons revealed that they were made by Daniel Defense, which is located near Ramon’s high school. How Did Uvalde Shooter Die

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