How did Ray Scott die?

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How did Ray Scott die; Ray Scott, an American outdoorsman, formed the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society in 1967 with the goal of “restoring bass fishing to its proper place among the top American sports.”

Ray Scott bass | Credit: Montgomery Advertiser

How did Ray Scott die?

Ray Scott died quietly in his sleep, according to reports.

“He passed away quietly in his sleep,” according to a statement released after his death.

Ray Scott death date

When did Ray Scott pass away? On May 8, 2022, Ray Scott passed away.

Ray Scott age at the time of death

When Ray Scott died, how old was he? Ray Scott passed away at the age of 88.

Ray Scott net worth at the time of death

When Ray Scott died, how wealthy was he? What was Ray Scott’s net worth at the time of his death? Ray Scott’s true net worth is unknown, but he is thought to be worth a few million dollars.

Ray Scott awards

Before he died, did Ray Scott win any awards? In 2013, Ray Scott received the Horatio Alger Award.

Ray Scott hometown

Ray Scott came from where? Ray Scott was born in the United States, in the city of Montgomery. How did Ray Scott die

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