How Did Lester Piggott Die?

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How Did Lester Piggott Die

How Did Lester Piggott Die: Piggott was hospitalized to intensive care in a Swiss hospital on May 15, 2007, after a recurrence of a previous heart condition. His condition was not life-threatening, according to his wife, and he was recovering in intensive care as a precaution.

How Did Lester Piggott Die?

Lester Piggott | Credit: Racing post

At the age of 86, he passed away on May 29. The cause of death has yet to be determined. According to his daughter Maureen, Piggot was recently hospitalized in Switzerland, where he spent much of his retirement.

Piggott had previously undergone treatment for heart problems.

In June 2007, he attended Royal Ascot, and in June 2008, he attended the Epsom Derby, when he predicted the winner, New Approach, in a BBC television interview. In March 2009, he attended the Gold Cup at the Cheltenham Festival, where he was interviewed in the parade ring.

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