Has Ashley Judd Gained Weight?

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Has Ashley Judd Gained Weight

Has Ashley Judd Gained Weight: Ashley Judd’s recent appearance in a popular campaign ad for Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren has sparked outrage on social media.

Has Ashley Judd Gained Weight

In the video, Judd urged Warren fans to donate to her grassroots effort.

Fans chastised her appearance, which revealed some extra weight.

What is Wrong With Ashley Judd
Photo Credit: The Times Of Israel

Judd, for her part, revealed that she had been quite ill and had undergone plastic surgery. In a fresh post, she took her time to enlighten her fans.

“I’ve had horrible headaches for about a year and can only perform light walking exercise,” she explained.

“I’ve had some un-fun weight gain, along with medicine and the natural sloth that collects around forced idleness,” Judd said of her most recent migraine, which lasted “awful 4-and-a-half months.”

Judd is the daughter of Naomi Judd, a late country music performer.

Judd has been an actor for almost three decades and is well-known for her humanitarianism and political involvement.

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