Hardy Kruger Children: Meet Hardy Krüger Jr., Christiane Krüger, And Malaika Kruger

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Hardy Kruger Children


Hardy Kruger Children – Hardy Kruger was a German actor and author, who appeared in more than 60 films from 1944 onwards.

In March 1945, Hardy Krüger was assigned to the 38th SS Division Nibelungen and was drawn into heavy combat.

Hardy Kruger Children

Hardy Krüger, then 16 years, was ordered to shoot at an American squad. When Hardy kruger refused, he was sentenced to death for cowardice, but another SS officer countermanded the order.

After becoming a film star in Germany in the 1950s, Hardy Krüger increasingly turned to roles in international films such as Hatari!, The Flight of the Phoenix, The Wild Geese, Sundays and Cybele, A Bridge Too Far, The Battle of Neretva, The Secret of Santa Vittoria, The Red Tent, The One That Got Away, and Barry Lyndon.

1958: Hardy Kruger on location in Cambridge for the filming of the British comedy ‘The Freshman’, aka ‘Bachelor of Hearts’. (Photo by BIPS/Getty Images)

Hardy Kruger was married thrice.

Hardy Krüger died at his home in Palm Springs, California, on 19 January 2022, at the age of 93.

Meet Hardy Krüger Jr., Christiane Krüger, And Malaika Kruger

Hardy Krüger had his first child Christiane Krüger (born 1945) with his first Renate Densow (1918–2006) when he was only 17 years old.

Hardy Kruger had two children, Malaika Krüger (born 1967) and Hardy Krüger Jr. (born 1968) with his second wife, an Italian painter called  Francesca Marazzi. Hardy Kruger Children

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