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What Did Hannah Gadsby Say To Dave Chappelle?



Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby – After Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos selected her to defend him, Hannah stated that she had to deal with “hate and vitriol” from Dave Chappelle’s followers.

After Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos included her in a message responding to Dave Chappelle’s new controversial stand-up special, comedian Ha

Hannah Gadsby

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Gadsby and Chappelle.Getty Images/ Netflix

Hannah Gadsby issued a scathing reaction. For a series of comments that insult the transgender community, Chappelle’s special “The Closer” has sparked outrage. Chappelle referred to himself as “Team TERF,” a slang term for a group of people who believe transgender women aren’t women and linked being transgender to donning blackface.

Even as producers threaten to abandon the platform and workers vow to protest, Netflix has backed Chapelle in the face of the uproar.

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