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Graeme Edge Net Worth: How Much Was Graeme Edge Worth At Time Of Death?



Graeme Edge Net Worth

Graeme Edge Net Worth – Graeme Edge was an English songwriter, drummer, poet, and musician who was the bandleader of the Graeme Edge Band. Graeme Edge was a co-owner of the “Moody Blues” band and was later inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame due to his wonderful career with the Moody Blues.

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Graeme Edge sang in a number of great songs with his bands and some of them are We Like To Do It, Nights In White Satin, Never Comes the Day, Evening, Be My Eyes, The Tunner, In Dream, All is Fair, Out and In, and others.

Graeme Edge Net Worth

 Graeme Edge Image Source: Getty Images

Graeme Edge was active in the music scenes for over six decades before passing away on November 11, 2021.

Graeme Edge Net Worth

How Much Was Graeme Edge Worth At Time Of Death? Graeme Edge made a great sum of wealth in over six decades of his music career. The estimated net worth of Graeme Edge is $16 million.


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