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Golden State Warriors Parade Route 2022



Warriors Parade 1

Golden State Warriors Parade: During a championship parade on Monday, tens of thousands of fans are expected to line Market Street in San Francisco to celebrate the Golden State Warriors’ fourth title in eight seasons.

Golden State Warriors Parade

The march will be a free-flowing and interactive celebration, according to the organizers. Fans will have the opportunity to meet players, coaches, staff, and team legends up close. The parade is scheduled to end about 2 p.m.

Where does the Warriors Parade start

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Golden State Warriors Parade Route 2022

The parade will be a little more than a mile long and will end at 5 p.m. ET on Market Street. NBA TV will be broadcasting the action.

Golden State has won four titles in the last eight years, confirming the team’s status as a dynasty. The Warriors have provided their supporters with many memorable moments throughout the years, but this year’s journey was especially noteworthy due to the adversity the team suffered before reaching the summit.

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