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Geraldine Garrett Cause Of Death: What Happened To Mickey Gilley’s First Wife?



Geraldine Garrett Cause Of Death

Geraldine Garrett Cause Of Death; Mickey Gilley’s first wife was Geraldine Garrett, an American country music singer and composer.

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Geraldine Garrett cause of death

Mickey Gilley’s first wife, what happened to her? On March 6, 2010, Geraldine Garrett passed away. From 1953 to 1961, she was married to Mickey Gillet. Her death cause was never revealed.

Mickey Gilley cause of death

What happened to Mickey Gilley? Although the cause of Mickey Gilley’s death has not been established, it is known that he died at home.

Mickey Gilley children

Mickey Gilley, did you have any children? When Mickey Gilley died, he had four children. Kathy Gilley, Michael Gilley, Keith Ray Gilley, and Gregory Gilley are the children.

Mickey Gilley death

Mickey Gilley died on this date. Mickey Gilley’s death date is unknown. On May 7, 2022, Mickey Gilley died.

Mickey Gilley net worth at the time of death

What was Mickey Gilley’s net worth when he died? When Mickey Gilley died, how wealthy was he? Mickey Gilley’s net worth was reported to be around $20 million.

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