Georg von Trapp First Wife: Who Was Agathe Whitehead?

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Georg von Trapp First Wife: Agathe Whitehead, Georg von Trapp’s first wife, was a British-Austrian heiress and aristocracy who was not well-known in the public. Agathe Whitehead married Georg von Trapp in 1911, and the couple separated in 1922.

Georg von Trapp First Wife

Agathe Whitehead was renamed Agathe Gobertina von Trapp after walking down the aisle with Georg von Trapp. Agathe Whitehead and Georg von Trapp enjoyed a happy marriage, but they eventually divorced and moved on with their lives.

Agathe Whitehead Cause Of Death
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Agathe Whitehead was the gorgeous mother of Agathe von Trapp, Johanna von Trapp, Martina von Trapp, Werner von Trapp, Rupert von Trapp, Hedwig von Trapp, and Maria Franziska von Trapp, all members of the Trapp Family.

Agathe Whitehead was born on June 14, 1891, in Fiume, Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia, Austria-Hungary, to John Whitehead and Countess Agathe von Breunner-Enckevoirth, and died on September 3, 1922, in Klosterneuburg, Austria, at the age of 31 years, as a result of a scarlet fever epidemic.

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