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Georg von Trapp cause of death



Georg von Trapp cause of death

Georg von Trapp cause of death: Georg Ludwig Ritter von Trapp was an Austro-Hungarian Navy commander who ultimately became the Trapp Family Singers patriarch.

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Georg Ritter von Trapp was born on April 4th, 1880, in Zara (now Zadar), Croatia, which was still under the Austrian-Hungarian Empire at the time. His father was a captain in the navy. He also intended to join the navy and went to the Royal Naval Academy in Fiume (now Rijeka).

Georg von Trapp cause of death

On November 26, 1927, he married Maria Kutschera, who had previously served as the captain’s governess.

Captain Trapp was offered a senior position in the German navy after Austria was conquered by Adolf Hitler’s German Empire in 1938. His response, which he rejected, was “I have sworn my oath of devotion to only one Emperor.” Georg von Trapped died of lung cancer at 4:30 a.m. in 1947 at Trapp’s new house in Stowe, Vermont (USA).

Because Austria no longer had a coast and therefore no need for a navy after the war, Captain Trapp not only lost his job, but also his wife.

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