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Games That Pay Real Money Directly to Bank Account in Nigeria

Games That Pay Real Money Directly to Bank Account in Nigeria

Games That Pay Real Money: Are you passionate about gaming like I am? Were you aware that there are games that offer real money payouts directly to your Nigerian bank account?

If you’re based in Nigeria and haven’t yet explored this gaming platform, it’s not too late. Continue scrolling to discover legitimate game apps that offer real money rewards in Nigeria.

In the following sections, you’ll also gain valuable insights into important considerations to bear in mind before downloading these authentic games that provide real money earnings in Nigeria.

Furthermore, this discussion will delve into the payment methods these games employ, including PayPal, coupons, or credit cards, as well as the potential earnings they offer.

We will also provide guidance on where to download these games and the range of devices they support, including iOS, Android, and even computers.

Games That Pay Real Money Directly to Bank Account in Nigeria

Below, you’ll find a list of reputable games that provide real money payouts directly to Nigerian bank accounts

1. Bubble Burst

Bubble Burst is one of the best apps where you can make real money playing video games!

Tens of thousands of dollars have already been given away to lucky players just like you!

It’s very simple, every draw the app developers are sharing back a portion of their advertising revenue with one lucky winner.

The larger the user base grows, the more dollars that will be given back.

There are no in app purchases and no pay to win.

So, download Bubble Burst and check it out for your chance to win cash!

Using Bubble Burst, anyone can make money simply by playing games at home, in the bus station, on the metro, or in the subway etc. anywhere!


WAJE is a digital gaming platform that offers a range of Nigerian-based games, including popular titles like Whot, Rolling Dice, and various casino games, providing users with the opportunity to win real money.

Whot, a widely recognized game in Nigeria, has undergone significant improvements on WAJE. It has evolved from a basic interface to a world-class one, and it now supports multiplayer mode in addition to the traditional single-player mode.

With WAJE, you can engage in fair Whot games with friends and family, with the assurance of playing the best Whot game in Nigeria. Challenge your friends and numerous other Nigerians with bets starting as low as ₦200 in nostalgic games like Whot and potentially earn some cool cash just for playing!

It’s important to note that this game is intended for individuals aged 18 and above, and access to minors is strictly prohibited.

3. The exodus3000

If you’re a fan of multiplayer RPGs, Exodus3000 is the ideal choice for you. It ranks among the most well-known and popular online multiplayer games.
The game’s storyline is set in a future where the Earth has become uninhabitable due to a catastrophic event, forcing humanity to escape to Mars. Players are transported around a thousand years into the future.

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In Exodus3000, you earn “Mars Dollars,” which serves as the in-game currency. All players are tasked with searching for these Mars Dollars from their respective bases.

Every day, players receive 250 moves to use for locating Mars Dollars in ruined locations, mining volcanoes, or engaging in battles against other competitors to acquire these valuable currency units.

Once you’ve accumulated a substantial amount, you can exchange them for real money. This online game stands out as one of the best options, offering easily attainable rewards.

It’s an addictive, enjoyable, and convenient way to make money while having fun. What’s more, when you register, you’ll receive a generous gift of 5,000 free Mars Dollars as a welcome bonus.

You can cash out 98,000 Mars Dollars, which is equivalent to $20. Additionally, you have the potential to earn up to $100 every month, with the option to withdraw your earnings directly to your PayPal account.

Register with Exodus3000, one of the best legitimate games that pay real money in Nigeria, and start earning cash without any upfront investment.

4. Wealth Words

Are you a crossword enthusiast who enjoys solving puzzles and word games like scrabble, trivia, and more? If so, Wealth Words is the perfect game for you.

Wealth Words is a real money crossword puzzle game available in three different languages (English, Hindi, and Chinese), and it’s open to players aged 18 and above. To win, you must submit your answers within one hour of the time limit.

Test your skills, tackle crosswords, and win big. Wealth Words offers a variety of crossword games with different types and difficulty levels. The potential for winnings is limitless.

Playing Wealth Words is straightforward. Download the Wealth Words app from the App Store or Google Play Store, select your preferred game from the wide variety available, and start playing. Win the game and watch your real money earnings get directly transferred to your PayPal account.

5. Dominoes Gold

Did you know that you can play board games and earn money while having fun? Dominoes Gold is a globally recognized board game that continues to gain popularity.

Unlike traditional board games, Dominoes Gold offers a unique and advanced gaming experience. It’s one of the legitimate games that allow you to earn real money in Nigeria and beyond.

In Dominoes Gold, multiple players can participate in tournaments featuring addictive domino games with cash prizes for the winners. The competition compares the scores of up to five players, and the one with the highest score is declared the winner of the round.

The earnings from these games can be exchanged for real cash. Dominoes Gold is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices, and it supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, simplified Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian.

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Anyone aged 17 or older can participate in these games. You can choose to play in a free match where you earn Z coins or in a cash match where you can earn real cash by depositing $1 or more to win prizes starting at $3.

6. MyPoints

MyPoints is a platform similar to InboxDollars and Swagbucks, and it stands as one of the oldest and most popular platforms, established in 1996. It offers various ways to earn real cash, such as participating in surveys, playing online games, and watching videos. However, its primary focus is on helping you make money while shopping at online stores like Amazon and Ali-Express.

MyPoints allows you to save coupons, which can lead to significant savings on your purchases. Moreover, it offers a generous forty percent bonus on orders placed at partner websites or stores. While MyPoints may not offer an extensive selection of games, you can engage in poll questions, which may not be appealing to everyone but can be worth trying. Alternatively, you can opt for surveys or video-watching activities.

The points you accumulate on MyPoints, known as “MyPoints,” can be redeemed in several ways. You have the option to exchange them for gift cards from various online stores or transfer them to your PayPal account for cash. Another interesting choice is converting your “MyPoints” into United MileagePlus miles, allowing you to save money for future flights.

7. Blitz

Blitz is a relatively new game, but it has already garnered over 100,000 downloads and continues to gain popularity each day through its platform.

In Blitz, you can engage in various exciting activities such as tournaments, weekly leagues, and Brawls, as well as compete in 1v1 games and other competitions. What sets Blitz apart is that it offers real cash rewards for your participation.

You have the flexibility to withdraw your earnings through PayPal, ApplePay, Venmo, or directly to your bank account. Blitz stands out as an ad-free platform, making it one of the best legitimate games that pay real money in Nigeria.

To sweeten the deal, Blitz provides a $10 bonus when you sign up, and you can also earn rewards by referring a friend to join the platform.

OPay Games That Pay Real Money

Below are the games offered by OPay that provide real money rewards in Nigeria:

1. Bubble Cash

This is a bubble-popping game where you have the opportunity to earn real money by swiftly popping bubbles.

2. Solitaire Cash

This is a solitaire game where you have the chance to earn real money by successfully completing as many games as possible within a specified time frame.

3. Bingo Cash

This is a bingo game where you have the opportunity to earn real money by matching the numbers on your cards with the numbers that are called out.

4. Pool Payday

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This is a pool game that offers the chance to earn real money by defeating your opponents in a series of matches.

To engage in these games, simply download the OPay app and register for an account.

After successfully creating your account, locate the games in the “Games” section of the app.

The potential earnings from these games fluctuate depending on the specific game and your proficiency level.

It’s essential to note that these games don’t guarantee income; you must possess skills to win money.

In some cases, you might need to invest in in-game items to enhance your winning prospects.

PayPal Games That Pay Real Money in Nigeria

There are no games linked to PayPal that offer real money rewards in Nigeria.

PayPal primarily serves as a payment processor and does not develop games.

It neither possesses its own games nor permits third-party games to distribute winnings through PayPal.

Nevertheless, there are various games accessible in Nigeria that provide real money earnings, but the payouts are typically made in the form of gift cards or direct bank transfers.

Some examples include Mistplay, InboxDollars, MooCash, Gamehag, and LuckyDay.

Play Ludo and Earn Real Money in Nigeria

Here are the apps in Nigeria that enable you to play Ludo and earn real money:

  • MPL
  • Gamezy
  • Winzo
  • Waje
  • Naija Ludo

If you’re new to playing Ludo for real money, it’s advisable to begin with low stakes. This approach allows you to learn the game and enhance your skills without putting a significant amount of money at risk. Regular practice is key to improving your Ludo abilities, and you can achieve this by playing against friends, family, or bots on gaming platforms. Before venturing into real money games, conduct thorough research to select a reputable gaming platform with a strong track record. Take the time to read and understand the platform’s terms and conditions before getting started.

Football Games That Pay Real Money in Nigeria

These are the football games in which you can earn real money in Nigeria:

  • MSport
  • Bet9ja
  • Paripesa
  • SportyBet
  • betBonanza
Does Dollar Quiz Pay Real Money in Nigeria?

Dollar Quiz offers real-money rewards in Nigeria, but there are certain conditions to consider.

Firstly, you must accumulate a specific number of points before becoming eligible for withdrawals. Secondly, the withdrawal process might be a bit slow, and there are associated fees.

Dollar Quiz functions as a trivia app where users earn points by correctly answering questions. These points can be converted into cash prizes. The app is accessible in Nigeria and a few other nations.

To collect points on Dollar Quiz, correctly respond to questions. The difficulty level of the questions increases as you accumulate more points. You can also earn points by referring friends to the app.

Once you’ve reached the required point threshold, you can exchange your points for cash prizes. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10, and you can choose between PayPal and Payoneer for withdrawals. Keep in mind that there is a withdrawal fee of $0.25.




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