Frank Harbalis Obituary

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Frank Harbalis Obituary: A young man named Frank Harbalis and his family resided in Orangeville. According to his most recent Facebook profile picture, he appears to be in his 30s. He was the eldest son of Gina Geogopoulos Harbalis, who worked at the Nifty Nook Restaurant, according to information posted on Facebook. The passing of her adored son has been confirmed by her.

Photo source: Facebook

Frank Harbalis perished in the savage attack in Toronto, according to a message posted on Facebook by Gloria Chefero Porteous, a resident of Orangeville, Ontario. Due to injuries he sustained as a result of a violent event in Toronto, Frank was killed.

Frank Harbalis Obituary

The obituary was made public by Frank Harbalis’s family. Her loved ones have not yet disclosed the cause of her death while they are still in mourning for her loss. All of their friends and family have been invited, and they are hoping that everyone shows up during this difficult time.

He has always been a wonderful friend and family member, and he was a happy-go-lucky person for everyone he knew. No wonder she was so adored by everyone given her talents and endearing demeanor.

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