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Facebook Papers Leak: Everything To Know About What Is Being Leaked In The Facebook Papers



Facebook Papers Leak

Facebook Papers Leak – Multiple news outlets began reporting on Friday evening on findings from a collection of Facebook internal papers that had been leaked.

Lawyers for Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen submitted the majority of the redacted business records to Congress, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and a group of news organizations.

Facebook Papers Leak

Kate recently told congress about several worrisome concerns and policies at the social media behemoth, and she has filed at least eight whistleblower charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleging that the firm prioritizes profit over public safety.

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In addition, according to the Washington Post, a new Facebook whistleblower, who is a former employee like Haugen, has filed a sworn declaration with the Securities and Exchange Commission that makes identical claims.

“The massive Facebook document dump indicates that the firm is afflicted with problems after the crisis while bringing in $100 billion each year. Unless it’s a monopoly, no corporation can bring in that much money with those types of challenges. It’s past time for Congress to take the need to split up Big Tech seriously “Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri told FOX Business.



Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., also chastised Facebook over the accusations, saying FOX Business that the company has “shown itself careless” in their operations and that they should be split up. Facebook Papers Leak

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