Elijah Judd Wedding, Wiki, Today, Net Worth, Military, Job, Profession, Instagram

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Elijah Judd Wedding

Elijah Judd Wedding; Elijah Judd is the grandson of country music superstar Naomi Judd. He is the son of Wynonna Judd, a well-known singer and actress, and her husband, Arch Kelley III. Elijah Judd Wedding

Elijah was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on the 23rd of December 1994. Grace is his sister’s name.

Elijah Judd Wedding

On September 19, 2020, Elijah Judd married his seven-year girlfriend. Hailey Williams is his wife’s name.

Elijah Judd Wiki

Elijah Judd has yet to be discovered by the wiki editors. As a result, he does not have a wiki page to his name.

Elijah Judd Today

Elijah Judd is mourning the loss of his grandma, Naomi Rudd, who died on April 30.

Elijah Judd Net Worth

The net worth of Elijah Judd is unknown. Wynonna Judd, on the other hand, is projected to have a net worth of $20 million.

Elijah Judd Military

Elijah Judd may or may not have served in the military.

Elijah Judd Job

There is no information known on Elijah Judd’s occupation.

Elijah Judd Profession

There is no information regarding Elijah Judd’s occupation. He is well recognized for his role in the making of his mother’s Christmas album, A Classic Christmas, in 2006.

Elijah Judd sang background vocals on this album.

Elijah Judd Instagram

Elijah Judd does not have an Instagram profile.

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