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Edmund Fitzgerald Bodies: Are there still bodies in the Edmund Fitzgerald?



Edmund Fitzgerald Bodies

Edmund Fitzgerald Bodies – When Edmund Fitzgerald sank on 10th November, 1975, it was on its usual routine of moving iron ore. This time, it was from Superior in Wisconsin to Detroit.

Sadly, it was hit by a storm that it clearly didn’t expect. This was the beginning of the end of Edmund Fitzgerald.

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Are there still bodies in the Edmund Fitzgerald?

It is true that the caption of Edmund Fitzgerald was reported to be having some challenges because of the 25 feet waves and storm. However, there were no signals of distress sent.

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Edmund Fitzgerald Bodies

All crew members of 29 died when the ship sank. Up till today which is 46 years later, there have been no bodies found or recovered. This clearly proves how mysterious this incident was. However, no one still knows if there are bodies or not.

Will Lake Superior Give Up Her Dead?

Lake Superior is one lake that never gives up her dead. This is because its water is very cold all through the year.

Due to this, it is able to inhibit the growth of bacterial. Also, bodies that fall into this lake mostly sink and do not show up ever again. Edmund Fitzgerald Bodies

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