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VIDEO: Watch how 9yrs-old minor set Ebeano Supermarket on fire in Abuja



Ebeano Supermarket on fire in Abuja

Ebeano Supermarket on fire in Abuja – An unidentified lady was caught on CCTV camera setting the Ebeano Supermarket in the Lokogoma area of Abuja on fire, on Saturday, July 17, 2021. It was reported that fire razed the multi-million Naira shopping mall all night and reduced it to ashes.

However, while the investigation was carried out following the now-viral CCTV footage, a nine-year-old minor was identified as the culprit behind the arson. The nine-year-old minor was said to have joined her mum and sister in the shop.

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During interrogation, she said;

“My mum took me to the shop. She wanted to buy xxx for my sister. We went to the market first before going to the shop.

“My mummy was with my sister at the drink session,” the little girl stutters during questioning by a team of investigators, Pulse reported. She still has on her the same clothes she wore to the shop on the day of the arson, as captured on CCTV.

It is unclear if the questioning was carried out on the same day.

Ebeano Supermarket on fire in Abuja

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