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Dwayne Hickman Children: Meet Albert Thomas Hickman And John Hickman



Dwayne Hickman Children


Dwayne Hickman Children –  Dwayne Hickman was an American actor and television executive, producer, and director. He worked as an executive at CBS and also briefly recorded as a vocalist.

Dwayne Hickman Children

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Dwayne Hickman

Dwayne Hickman was married on three occasions: firstly with Carol Christensen from 1963 to 1972, then with Joanne Purtle Papile from 1977 to 1981, and then with Joan Roberts from 1983.

Who Is Dwayne Hickman’s Wife Joan Roberts?

Dwayne Hickman exchanged vows with Joan Roberts with his wife, Joan Roberts, in 1983, and they lived together happily till the death of Dwayne in 2022.


Dwayne Hickman and Joan Roberts
Image Source: Famous Fix

Joan Roberts is an American actress who came into the limelight due to her relationship with Dwayne Hickman. Joan Roberts was blessed with a son, Albert Thomas Hickman, from her marriage with Dwayne.

Joan Roberts is 69 years of age and is attended West Virginia University and American University and she holds a degree in Drama and Speech.

Some of the movies featured by Joan Roberts include Life on Earth, The Killing Room, Matlock: The Don, The Castaways on Gilligan’s Island, among others.

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