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Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain vet: age, wife, net worth, cancer, death rumours



Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain vet – Decades of hard work and dedication have made Dr Jeff one of the best veterinarians in the world. He did not gain fame by sitting around but by being excellent at what he does and being a leader in his field. Jeff is also the founder of Planned Pethood Plus. This is a clinic for animals that was established on the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain vet

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When most people have aspirations to be doctors, they rarely think animals. As much as the world needs doctors who treat humans, there are also millions of animal species that also require the same care as human beings. This is why the likes of Dr Jeff are essential.

Dr Jeff Profile Summary

Name: Dr Jeffrey Dale Young

Date of birth: April 14, 1956

Place of birth: Indiana, USA

Age: 64 years old

Star sign: Aries

Occupation: Veterinary

Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Biography

The veterinary doctor was born as Jeffrey Young on April 14, 1956, in Indiana, USA. How old is Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain vet? He is 64 years old.

After his parents divorced, he lived with his mother (Ester Stevens) and visited his father’s ranch on holidays. His step-father was a military man, and this meant Dr Jeff Young family moved a lot.

At the age of eight, Dale’s pet dog died, and it was at that moment he knew he had found his calling. He became involved with animals more and more as he got older. After finishing high school, Dale’s love for animals took him to Colorado State University. He pursued veterinary medicine and graduated in 1989.

His first job was as an animal welfare officer in Fort Collins, an experience that bolstered his strong ethics on animal care. Dr Dale was not happy to learn that most veterinarians were driven by money instead of the well-being of their patients while on the job. As a result, he established a clinic that offered animal care to those who could not access other facilities.


Image: Source: UGC

Wife Dr Dale Young’s first wife was his high school sweetheart by the name Deb Burns. Deb hailed from Fort Collins, Colorado and graduated from Rantoul High School around the same time as Dale. The two continued seeing each other after high school and eventually got married.

After several years of marriage, Dale and Burns got three children. After the two divorced, they went their separate ways, and both moved on to new partners.

The current wife is known as Petra Young Mickova. Petra and Dale met when the former was in a veterinary school back in 2010. She had immigrated to the United States from her home country Slovakia, and upon finishing school, she got a job at Planned Pethood.

As her experience in the job increased, she also gradually warmed Dr Dale’s heart. Dr Jeff Young married Petra Mickova in 2014, and the two have been together ever since.

Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain vet net worth

Dale’s career has been about low-cost animal care because he is not motivated by money. He has been practising since 1990, a career that is now close to three decades.

Apart from being the founder of Planned Pethood, he has also trained hundreds of veterinarians. He also appeared in Animal Planet’s episode Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet. His net worth is estimated to be $200,000.





Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain vet Cancer

In 2016, Dr Jeff received terrible news after being told of a life-threatening diagnosis. His doctor had informed him that he had B-cell lymphoma. Extensive tests were conducted, and it was discovered that he had an 8cm cancerous lump in his body.

This necessitated him to undergo several sessions of chemotherapy for complete cancer eradication. Due to the chemo sessions, Young lost his signature long hair, but the good news is that he recovered. Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain vet

Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain vet Death rumours

The life of a celebrity must also involve several death hoaxes, and Young has undergone the same. In most cases, such death hoaxes involving celebrities emerge from nowhere and out of nothing.

When a celebrity is sick as was in the case of Young, the death rumours are more believable. Many people believed that the vet had died of cancer, but that is not the case as he is alive to this day. Dr Jeff is criticized as much as he is celebrated.

The veterinary doctor seems not to care about the criticisms he has faced saying that rules are made to be broken. Some doctors criticize him for conducting practices that do not adhere to set procedures. On the other hand, Young has made his stand clear that veterinary doctors should not be money-oriented. This is a debate in which both parties mutually agree to disagree. STIEST

He has become more affectionate and gained more popularity due to his love for animals, especially cats. Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain vet

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