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DonJazzy ex-wife, Michelle reacts after DonJazzy revealed that he divorced her after two years of marriage



DonJazzy ex-wife

DonJazzy ex-wife, Michelle has reacted after the singer disclosed that he divorced her after two years of marriage

Don Jazzy smiling

Earlier today, Don Jazzy revealed that he got married at the age of 20, but due to his love for music, he neglected his family and thus, his marriage crashed after 2 years when he was still 22 years old.

Don Jazzy and first wife

His alleged ex wife with Instagram handle yarnstaswitch but real name Michelle, a United Kingdom based beauty queen has reacted to his revealation. She took to the comment section to immediately drop love emojis for her alleged estranged lover.

DonJazzy ex-wife Michelle comments and reactions below;

Donjazzy ex wife Screenshot

Donjazzy ex wife Screenshot of chat