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5 things you didn’t know about Don Jazzy ex wife Michelle



Don Jazzy ex wife Michelle

Don Jazzy ex wife Michelle – Mavin boss, Michael Collins Ajereh, popularly known as Don Jazzy recently opened up about his failed marriage.

Don Jazzy disclosed that he walked down the aisle at the age of 20 and his marriage only lasted for 2 years.

don Jazzy and ex wife

Don Jazzy marriage photo

“Don Jazzy ex wife Michelle is soooo beautiful inside and outside with such a soft heart. But then me being so young and full of dreams I went and fucked it up cos I was giving all my time to my Music. Music became priority instead of my family. ” Don Jazzy wrote.

However, check out 5 things you probably didn’t know about Don Jazzy’s former wife, Michelle Jackson.

Don Jazzy signing marriage aggreement

Don Jazzy and with signing marriage contract

Don Jazzy ex wife Michelle

1. She is 40 years old:

Michelle Jackson turned 40 on the 17th of October 2020. She took to her Instagram page to celebrate her new age with the caption;

“Thanking Jah for another day, another year and another milestone! 40 WOW. If you know me personally, you’ll know i have been stressing about having the number 4 at the beginning of my age…….. but at the same time…..being grateful that i have life. I typically post a greyscale photo yearly…. it’s my way of reminding myself to keep life “simple”. This year has been a living nightmare for all, I’m sure if i could, I’d love to erase this year from my memory…..but to do that would mean i erase all the valuable lessons I’ve learnt and personal achievements that don’t always make it on to Instagram. A note for myself next year…. would be.”

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2. She is older than Don Jazzy:

The music producer was born on the 26 of November, 1982. He turned 38 few months back, That makes Michelle 2 years older than him.

3. She is a UK based headshot model, writer, beauty and fashion influencer.

4. She has a son: Michelle took to her Instagram page twice to celebrate her son. On the 18 of January 2019, she shared his photo and wrote,

“My little superman.(in a spiderman outfit) Love him to death , This is a few years old now but still… i know if he had real superhero powers he would save me every time.”

On May 1st, 2019, she also shared another photo of her boy and captioned it, “My little superman. Love you dearly my little bean…. You know when you pray for someone to love you to the very bones…… you think Jah will answer with some romantic mr lover lover, but i know this little fella was my answer.”

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