Dom Phillips Wife: Who Is Alessandra Sampaio?

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Dom Phillips Wife: The wife of Dom Phillips, Alessandra Sampaio, is a stunning woman who has gone viral as a result of her husband’s death. Dom Phillips and Alessandra Sampaio have been married for almost a decade and have a happy life together.

Dom Phillips Wife: Who Is Alessandra Sampaio?

Alessandra Sampaio and Dom Phillips enjoyed a lovely time together, but their marriage was shattered when Dom died tragically.

Alessandra Sampaio
Image Source: Twitter

Because Alessandra Sampaio is not engaged in the media, there are no details about her in the press. Following the passing of her beloved spouse, Alessandra Sampaio has received a number of condolence notes.

The remains of Alessandra Sampaio’s husband were discovered in the Brazilian Amazon after he went missing for a few days on June 5.

“Now we can bring them home and say farewell with love,” Alessandra Sampaio said after the remains of Dom Phillips were discovered.

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