Does Young MA Have A Girlfriend? All About The Rapper’s Love Life

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Does Young M.A Have A Girlfriend

Does Young MA Have A Girlfriend – Ever since she released her first mixtapes in 2015, Young M.A has been one of the hottest rappers in the game. It’s hard to overlook the fact that an openly gay woman is a hip-hop success story (even if M.A is someone who is adamant about rejecting labels)—her identity is part of what makes her work stand out.

It also raises the same questions we’d ask about famous male rappers, like who she’s dating. Find out who Young M.A’s girlfriend is, as well as her previous history of partners.

Young M.A’s Breakout Hit Was “OOOUUU”

Brooklyn rapper Young M.A, born Katorah Marrero, first hit the scene in the mid-2010s, posting tracks on YouTube that promptly went viral. But it was 2016’s “OOOUUU” that boosted her to the next level. The quadruple-certified Platinum single earned her raves both on the streets and on the pages of major publications (VogueThe New York Times).

any credit M.A’s authenticity for her success. The 28-year-old spits lyrics that reflect her life on the streets. The fake-it-till-you-make-it approach isn’t her style.

“None of my friends [are] driving a Lambo so I’m not gonna talk about it,” she told The Fader in 2016. “I just feel like being realistic is so underrated, like people are scared to be real. I don’t even like to use the word ‘real’ because everybody jacked that… Everybody wanna pretend to be this way or be rich and feel like they got money and that don’t always be the case. I don’t mind talking about me driving in a Hyundai.”

Young M.A Doesn’t Like Labels

Does Young MA Have A Girlfriend – Young M.A’s honesty extends to her sexual orientation. Her lyrics never shy away from her preference for women. “If that’s ya chick, then why she texting me? / Why she keep calling my phone speaking sexually? / Every time I’m out, why she stressing me?” she raps on “OOOUUU.”

But that doesn’t mean she wants to be the poster child for lesbian rappers. In fact, M.A has come to a place where she rejects any type of categorization.

“I don’t want people to look at it like I’m [just] an LGBT rapper or ‘gay’ is my story,” she said in her interview with The Fader. “That’s not what makes my music speak, being gay. My music speaks because people just think I’m dope.”

She also told Time in 2019 that she’s “not a label person.”

“Before, I used to think being a label was cool,” she said. “But then I got to a point where it was just like, ‘I don’t need nobody defining me. Sometimes I don’t even know my damn self.’ … No disrespect to anybody that prefers that. The LGBT community, I love them with my soul. But I’m me. We know who we are, we know what we represent, we know who we love.”

M.A even squirms at the thought of being hailed a great “female” rapper—she’d prefer that her talent is judged against all artists, regardless of their gender.

Does Young MA Have A Girlfriend?

Though plenty of women have slid into Young M.A’s DM’s over the years, she’s only had a couple of public relationships since breaking out into the music industry.

Tori Brixxx

Does Young MA Have A Girlfriend

Does Young MA Have A Girlfriend – M.A’s first public relationship was with DJ and Instagram model Tori Brixx.

“I came across a video of her singing my “OOOUUU” song,” she explained on in a 2017 interview with Hot 97. “I saw the video and I thought she was pretty so I posted it… I seen that she was following me. I really didn’t know who she was at first. Then I followed her back and that was it. It was nothing after that. She didn’t come in my DMs. I didn’t go in her DMs.”

The two wound up meeting in real life through a mutual friend, but neither ever went Instagram official.

“People don’t understand that this has been going on way before,” she told Power 106 Los Angeles in May 2017—seven months after they reportedly began dating. “People assume it’s a publicity stunt thing… meanwhile we don’t even want to be out there like that.”

But the relationship ended as quietly as it started. In May 2018, TMZ revealed ugly details about rapper Rich the Kid’s split from his estranged wife Antonette Willis. A side note was that Brixx was currently living with him. There’s no word on when the break-up happened, but M.A has plenty of other women lining up for a shot with her.

Mya Yafai

Does Young MA Have A Girlfriend

Does Young MA Have A Girlfriend – In April 2019, rumors swirled that M.A had moved on to model, actress, and journalism major Mya Yafai. Neither immediately confirmed the relationship, but six months later, they appeared as Beauty and the Beast at Megan Thee Stallion’s Hottieween party. M.A took things to the next level in February 2020 when she whisked her girlfriend off to Dubai for a Valentine’s Day “baecation.”

Since then, the status of their relationship seems unclear. A Twitter account dedicated to Young M.A fans announced that the couple had split in March 2020. But the same user posted in November 2020 that they had reconciled.

Neither follows each other on their social media accounts, nor do they post pics of one another. But since the rapper isn’t one to draw too much attention to her personal life, we may never know what the story is until she’s ready to tell it.

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