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Do Any Of The Kardashians Have Pets? What Happened To All Of The Kardashians Pets?



Do Any Of The Kardashians Have Pets

Do Any Of The Kardashians Have Pets – The famous Kardashian family is a lover of furry animals and constantly welcomes new pets into their home.

Every member of the celebrity family seems to have pets ranging from dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, rabbits, and so on; and they give cute names to them all.

Do Any Of The Kardashians Have Pets?

For instance, the eldest Kardashian sister has two puppies – a Pomeranian and a golden retriever. She also boasts of a pet rabbit which she called Snowflake.

the jenner kardashians

Photo Credit: Instagram

For Kardashian Kylie Jenner, she is a proud owner of one chicken, one rabbit, and six dogs. Interestingly, all of these pets have social media accounts.

Although, the Kardashians still have almost countless pets in their lives some are no longer with them. It was revealed that while a number of them were tragically killed by coyotes roaming the neighborhood, a few were reportedly rehomed for unknown reasons.

Notwithstanding, this tragedy has not stopped the family from adopting more pets into their growing brood.


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