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Did Sasha And Naomi Leave WWE?



Sasha Banks and Naomi 1

Did Sasha And Naomi Leave WWE: WWE has suspended Sasha and Naomi indefinitely following a creative disagreement that caused the two ladies to walk out of a live taping earlier this week.

“WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions” will no longer be their title.

WWE had stated, “We will conduct a future tournament to crown the next WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.”

As “tag team champions,” Sasha and Naomi felt ignored, and it was hard for them to be in the ring with two of their opponents.

Sasha Banks And Naomi

Sasha Banks and Naomi
Image Source: WWE

Why Did Sasha And Naomi Leave WWE?

Sasha was dissatisfied with the outcome of a proposed main event that would have pitted them against Asuka, Becky Lynch, Doudrop, and Nikki A.S.H. in a Six Pack Challenge to determine who would face Bianca Belair at “Hell in a Cell.”

Sasha apparently met with WWE CEO Vince McMahon to express her concerns, but McMahon is believed to have refused to amend the group’s agreements. She then left the building with Naomi at that point.

Becky Lynch and Adam Pearce recorded segments on the fly to set up the new main event, which will feature Lynch vs. Asuka.

Naomi and Sasha visited with WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis with their bags in hand, placed their Championship title belts in front of him, and walked out, according to WWE.

Naomi and Sasha have yet to comment on the situation. Did Sasha And Naomi Leave WWE

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