Did Naomi Judd die by suicide?

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Did Naomi Judd die by suicide

Did Naomi Judd die by suicide: Naomi’s death has yet to be determined, but it is widely suspected that she committed suicide. Naomi was said to be suffering from a variety of mental illnesses, which prompted the presumption.

Did Naomi Judd die by suicide?

According to a statement released on behalf of her husband and fellow singer Larry Strickland, Naomi Judd died near Nashville, Tennessee. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, edema, baldness, tremors, and suicidal ideation were all found to be present. Ashley was the one who broke the news to the public about her mother’s death.

Naomi Judd, mother of Wynonna and Ashley Judd and Grammy-winning country music artist of The Judds trio, died at the age of 76. When Naomi Judd was stricken with hepatitis in 1991, the Judds, whose songs included “Love Can Build a Bridge,” “Why Not Me,” and “Girls Night Out,” had to call it a day.

Her older daughter, Wynonna, joined her in forming her band, and the mother-daughter duo went on to win major awards for their great music, including the Grammy.

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