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Who Is Meat Loaf’s Wife Deborah Gillespie?



Deborah Gillespie


Deborah Gillespie, the wife of Meat Loaf, is a Canadian-American woman who is only known to many people due to her relationship with Meal Loaf. Deborah Gillespie and Meat Loaf walked down the aisle in 2007 and they lived happily together till the death of Meat Loaf.

Deborah Gillespie

Deborah Gillespie is the second wife of Meat Loaf and she splits her time between Los Angeles and Texas. Deborah Gillespie and Meat Loaf do not share any children together but Deborah Gillespie is the stepmother to Meat Loaf’s daughters.


Meat Loaf and Deborah Gillespie
Image Source: PA

Deborah Gillespie featured in two of the documentaries of Meat Loaf and they are titled “Meat Loaf: Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra” and “Meat Loaf: In Search of Paradise.”

Meat Loaf was an American singer and actor of over six decades who sold over 100 million albums worldwide and featured in over 60 movies. Meat Loaf is an alumnus of Lubbock Christian College and later North Texas State University, and his acting career began there.

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