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Who Is David Sassoli’s Wife Alessandra Vittorini?



David Sassoli

David Sassoli was an Italian politician and journalist who served as the President of the European Parliament from 2019 till his death in January 2022. Sassoli also served as a Member of the European Parliament for Central Italy from 2009 till his death in January 2022.


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David was a member of the Democratic Party and was an affiliate of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats. David Sassoli is an alumnus of the University of Florence and he was a staunch supporter of AFC Fiorentina.

Who Is David Sassoli’s Wife Alessandra Vittorini?

David was married to Alessandra Vittorini and they were blessed with two children: Giuio Vittorini and Livia Vittorini.

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Alessandra Vittorini
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Vittorini is an Italian beautiful woman who is known to many as the wife of the late President of the European Parliament, David. Alessandra is 64 years of age and she is from L’Aquila, Abruzzo.

Alessandra is an architect by profession and she currently resides in Brussels, Belgium.



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