David Piper: Who is Katie Piper’s dad?

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David Piper

David Piper: Katie Piper is David Piper’s daughter. There are no details regarding David Piper’s life available on the internet.

Diane, Katie’s mother, was an infant school teacher in a small Hampshire village where Katie grew up. David, her father, is a barber.

David Piper

Katie was blinded in one eye and suffered third-degree burns when she was attacked with acid in 2008.

Her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Lynch, had planned to have an accomplice, Stefan Sylvestre, wait outside her flat and spray sulfuric acid in her face.

As a result of the attack, Katie was partially blind in one eye; her father and mother both offered to donate their eyeballs and skin, but were told it wasn’t possible. Katie was nursed back to health following her procedures.

Katie’s father, David, expressed his pride in Katie’s ability to convert a negative into a positive.

‘I believe I was outraged at first because someone could do this [acid attack] and wreck your life in one fell swoop.’ ‘However, rage is a really unpleasant emotion,’ David explained. ‘You need positivity and humour when you’re trying to nurse someone who has been traumatized.’ Otherwise, you’ll never get through it. Katie has now astonished me. I’m baffled as to how she got away with it.’

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