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Who was amateur MMA fighter David Koenig?



David Koenig

David Koenig ’s remains were found by an outdoorsman who was walking through the woods in the Missouri Ozarks in the middle of December 2021.

David Koenig | Credit: NBC News

Who was amateur MMA fighter, David Koenig?

David Koenig was an amateur MMA fighter whose family lived in the Ozark community. He was reported missing by his relatives after his whereabouts became unknown on February 8, 2020.

David Koenig cause of death

What killed David Koenig? How did David Koenig die? David Koenig’s cause of death has still not been solved yet. He was reported missing almost 2 years ago by close relatives. His mother, Tracy Koenig took to her Facebook to create a search group for the deceased when he disappeared in 2020, made up of 14,000 members in a Facebook group called Mystery of the Missing Fighter!

Tracy shared on social media that, nobody killed his son.

He was not shot, stabbed, no broken bones of any sort… He wasn’t robbed, as his tattered wallet was still intact as well as the two silver necklaces he always wore amongst some other things. All the rumours were FALSE! Nobody killed Dave. Nobody!” she wrote in a social media post.

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