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David Icke Net Worth: How Much Is The Conspiracy Theorist Worth?



David Icke Net Worth

David Icke Net Worth – David Vaughan Icke, simply called David Icke is an English conspiracy theorist and a former footballer and broadcaster. He has over 20 books to his name.

David Icke Credit BBC

David Icke | Credit: BBC

David Icke net worth

How much is the conspiracy theorist worth? David Icke has an estimated net worth of around $10 million.

David Icke age

How old is David Icke? David Icke is 69 years old; born on April 29, 1952.

David Icke education

What is David Icke’s educational background? David Icke attended Crown Hills Community College.

David Icke children

Who are David Icke’s children? David Icke has four children. They are; Gareth Icke, Rebecca Icke, Jaymie Icke and Kerry Icke.

David Icke wife

Is David Icke married? Who is David Icke’s wife? David Icke is not currently married, however, he has two ex-wives. They are Linda Atherton (married from 1971 to 2001) and Pamela Icke (married from 2001 to 2011).

David Icke hometown

Where does David Icke come from? David Icke comes from Leicester, United Kingdom.

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