David Birney Wife: Who was David Birney married to?

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David Birney Wife

David Birney Wife: In 1974, David Birney married actress Meredith Baxter, a classically trained theatrical actor who had found fame on the stage.

Meredith Baxter is a well-known actress and producer from the United States. She is best recognized for her television work, having had major roles in shows such as ‘Family’ and ‘Family Ties.’ So far in her career, she has been nominated for five Emmy Awards.

David Birney Wife

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Her acting career began with a guest appearance on the TV show ‘The Young Lawyers.’ Soon after, she landed her first major part in the television show ‘Bridgette Loves Bernie.’ Her fame expanded a few years later after she appeared in the TV drama series Family as one of the major characters. She’s also appeared in a number of films.

Kate Birney, born on December 5, 1974, and twins Mollie Elizabeth and Peter David Edwin, born on October 2, 1984) were the three children of David Birney and his wife, Meredith Baxter. In 1989, David Birney and Baxter divorced.


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