Moesha Boduong Snatches Daniella Okeke Boyfriend (Pastor Boyfriend)

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Daniella Okeke Boyfriend

Daniella Okeke Boyfriend = Moesha Buduong is still in the business of banging and bonking and from the look of things she is not ready to turn a new leaf or change from her usual banging for cash and luxury.

According to Instagram gossip page, @Cutie_juls, Moesha Buduong has banged and snatched the ‘pastor boyfriend’ of Nigerian actress, Daniella Okeke and it all happened after Daniella Okeke invited Moesha when she came to Ghana with her ‘Pastor boyfriend’.

Moesha Boduong

Moesha Boduong Snatches Daniella Okeke Boyfriend

Moesha Buduong after meeting with Daniella Okeke and her ‘Pastor boyfriend’ at Kempinski has now snatched him and banging him ─ and according to @Cutie_juls, Moesha’s recent trip to the United States was partly sponsored by Daniella Okeke’s ‘Pastor boyfriend’.

Daniella Okeke 1

The report also states that even though Moesha Buduong is currently in a serious relationship leading to marriage but she is seriously banging this ‘Pastor boyfriend’ of Actress Daniella Okeke for the cash.

Apparently, Daniella Okeke’s ‘Pastor boyfriend’ fell for Moesha’s huge backside when they met at Kempinski.

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