Daniel Kinahan Tyson Fury: Who is Daniel Kinahan to Tyson Fury?

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Daniel Kinahan Tyson Fury

Daniel Kinahan Tyson Fury: Daniel Kinahan is a Dublin-based suspected gangster and boxing promoter. He has been identified by the High Court of Oreland as a global leader in organized crime.

Daniel Kinahan Tyson Fury

According to the Criminal Assets Bureau, he oversaw and managed the Kinahan Organised Crime Group, a criminal organization that smuggles drugs and firearms into Ireland, the United Kingdom, and mainland Europe, as well as having ties to international criminal organizations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

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Who is Daniel Kinahan to Tyson Fury?

Daniel Kinahan previously served as an advisor to Tyson Fury, a professional boxer.

Tyson Fury and other key boxing personalities have been told to avoid links with Irish suspected criminal lord Daniel Kinahan, whose gang has been targeted by the US government with new sanctions and a $5 million bounty.

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