Curley Gatlin: Who is Larry Gatlin’s father?

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Curley Gatlin

Curley Gatlin: The Gatlin Brothers’ William Wayne”Curley” Gatlin, father of Larry, Steve, and Rudy, died on November 9th at the age of 93.

Curley Gatlin

Willian was born on May 14, 1927, in Maban, Texas. The brothers credit their father, a US Army veteran, with instilling in them the virtue of hard labor. Larry, Steve, and Rudy are his three sons, while LaDonna is his daughter.

Curley Gatlin

When Gatlin signed with Columbia Records in 1979, he opted to have his brothers’ names listed on his songs and albums.

The Gatlin Brothers were also one of the first country groups to release music videos, such as The Lady Takes the Cowboy Every Time, which was released in 1984.

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