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Cora Walker Cause Of Death



Cora Walker Cause Of Death

Cora Walker Cause Of Death – As part of his inquiry, St. Louis Medical Examiner Michael Graham said he watched the security tape. “She had prescription drugs in her system, all of which were predicted to be present in the proportions we expected to see.” “No illegal chemicals were discovered,” Graham added.

Cora Walker Cause Of Death

Walker died with a condition known as nonischemic cardiomyopathy, according to him. “It’s a heart muscle disease,” Graham explained. “It normally affects older people who have high blood pressure, but she didn’t.”

“We’re not sure why certain people get it. Hers was a somewhat mild case. It essentially short-circuited her heart’s electrical system, producing arrhythmia and leading her to pass out. We don’t generally think of individuals collapsing dead, and it is odd, but it’s not a typical age for this ailment to manifest.”

He further stated that he does not believe this ailment was caused by any previous illicit substance use.

“I would have termed it alcoholic heart disease or cocaine heart disease if there was,” he remarked. “However, there was no proof of that.”

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